A Guide to the Escape Games and Escape Colchester

We’re going to be giving you a guide on our escape games here at Escape Colchester. We have four rooms which you’re locked in for an hour. In that time you have to find your way out by solving a range of puzzles and cryptic clues which are hidden carefully within the room itself. All the rooms are themed and they are Witchcraft and Wizardry, 221B Baker Street, The Cabin and Escape the Seven Seas.

Authentic, detailed and oh so much fun!

They have all been painstakingly created with their chosen themes in mind, and are made to look as detailed and as perfect as possible. That means you have a fantastic time while you are in there in a room that’s an authentic recreation of your favourite movie or character.


Once you’re in there you’ll all need to move around the room and search all areas to find the clues. When you’ve found each one, you make a neat pile and then work them out one by one, once you’ve found them all and they’re there in front of you. Teamwork is crucial, you’ll need to work together to find your way out. This is a perfect opportunity to get to know each other if you’re a brand new corporate team or if you’re a group of students who are about to embark on a degree course together. 

If you don’t get out first time - try, try again

There’s no pressure, not everyone gets out first time, but it’s always an excuse to come back again...and again because we love to see our past visitors come back to see us and we’re accustomed to seeing the same faces. We always give everyone who comes to see us a warm welcome, whether you’re a first timer or you’re on a second, third or fourth time visit. 

Escape Colchester - Premier Escape Rooms

We hope you enjoyed our guide on escape games here at Colchester, give us a call and book your room. We can’t to see you and we know you’ll all have a great time, whether it’s with friends or family or as part of a corporate team building exercise.