Hints and Tips To Escape Our Rooms

If you’re coming to visit our escape rooms in Colchester, you have to work out how you’re going to escape and ultimately win. But how? You’re going to be excited with adrenaline flowing, you could easily make mistakes and you’ve only got an hour to do it in. Plus, the clues and puzzles aren’t easy to find and when you do, you then have to try and work them out in order to escape. Think it’s too hard? Have a quick read through our helpful hints and tips which are sure to help assist your performance.

1) Make Sure You Play With People You Know

If you know the people you are going to play with you have less likelihood of clashes, and pick those with the right strengths and skills. You don’t want to be arguing with people you don’t know, and you want to pick people who are good at working out puzzles, thinking on their feet and who stay nice and calm throughout.

2) Choose Group Size Wisely

If you choose to play a room with too many people, then you’re going to be up close and personal in a small space and if you don’t know each other that well, it might not be that much fun. Perhaps best to choose a smaller group then. When there’s less people there’s far more surprises and more things for everyone to do, so everyone’s included and basically, it’s much more fun.

3) Don’t Try and Do It All Yourself

Don't try and be a hero by hogging all the puzzles, if you can’t figure it out yourself share between those you think can. Someone else taking over will bring a fresh pair of eyes and help see something you’ve missed. You’re all there to work as a team anyway, and there’s no I in team, so be prepared to work as one.

4) Be Prepared To Listen and Try Out Things Your Team Suggest

You need to work as a team there is no need to be dismissive, always be prepared to try new things if it means solving another puzzle and getting closer to escaping. Even if it’s an idea that doesn’t work, always encourage and praise your teammates for trying.

5) Make Sure Everyone Knows When Someone Has Worked Out One Clue

Communication is key! If you have tried an idea and it didn't work let the rest of the team know so people aren’t constantly going back to the same ones. This will ultimately allow you to save crucial time to focus on other clues in the room. Then make sure you know where they are as you go to work out another one, perhaps you could pick someone who can take care of the solved puzzles and clues. And make sure you search the rooms thoroughly, because clues won’t be there where you can see them, they’ll be hidden from view, so you need to be sharp enough to search everywhere.

Do you think you have what it takes now? Are you an Escape room pro? If so, come down and visit us here at Escape Games Colchester where you’ll find a selection of themed rooms to choose from and a friendly welcoming team. If you have not yet booked to play a room here at Escape Colchester, get in touch with us today to book. We’ll see you there!