Fantastic Team Building Activities

Team building activities are really taking off and it’s no surprise as they are a great way of getting your team to bond, break the ice and spend valuable time relaxing away from the office. It also gives a team leader ample opportunity to recognise new skills that can be quickly utilised back at base.

There are a variety of different team building activities to choose from as more companies recognise their value. Naturally, the one thing in common they all have is the team aspect and the emphasis this word implies – working together and communicating. There are some activities that aren’t always going to be to everyone’s liking, but the goal of most of them is to get those introverts to come out of the shadows and shine, getting them out of their shell and talking.

We’re going to be looking just a few of them and then you can make an informed decision on which ones you think are best for your team.

The Human Chain

This is a simple game where everyone stands in a circle and randomly holds a hand of the person next to them, or in front of them within the circle. Soon you’ll have a chain of hands and the aim of the game is to free yourself and untangle the chain without letting go of each other’s hands. There’s a strong need to communicate and talk your way out of it and it’s a great opportunity for everyone to have their turn in working out the puzzle.

It's a Knockout

This is based on the old TV series of the same name which you may be too young to remember but will definitely involve plenty of action, noise, water and mayhem. Great for the extroverts of your team, introverts not so much. This is an obstacle course, a bit I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here-meets-numerous game shows from the BBC in the past 20 years. All colour, protective helmets and lots of mess.

Boot Camp

This is a military style obstacles course designed by ex-military and created for the sole purpose of encouraging problem solving, teaching survival skills and combat, just in case they need to fight their way out of the tube, but there’s also escape and evade, and the most important thing about this type of training is the sense of kinsmanship, supporting each other and giving each other positive encouragement.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is essential for those who want to improve communication skills. This involves two teams pitted against each other searching for hidden treasure. There’ll be clues, taking photos even, collecting unusual items and all in all it’s the perfect opportunity to bond with friends, identify new skills and give the team ample opportunity to work together and unwind outside of office hours.

Escape Colchester – Escape Games With a Difference 

Yes, finally we have the piece de resistance of all team building activities, our escape rooms in Colchester. We are bound to be bias, however we believe our rooms are possibly the best way of getting the best out of your team and discovering new talents. Your teams are locked in a room, the room will have a theme and they’ll be locked in there for around 60 minutes. In that time, they must find a series of hidden cryptic clues and puzzles, keep them all together and then work them out in order to escape the room within the hour. It’s the best, most unique way of team building there is out there, and its increasing popularity proves it’s working. Pay us a visit in Colchester if you’re interested in investing in your team, and we can guarantee it’ll be the best day out your organisations had for some time!