What are Advantages of Team Building Activities?

If you want your team to work harmoniously together then you want to make sure they are able to communicate with each other effectively to work their way around problems and issues. It’s also useful if they’re able to resolve conflict quickly and find some ways around difficult problems. If you have new staff, one or two team members who are a little shy in getting to know the rest of the team, it can result in weeks of endless awkwardness.

What can be done?

What we recommend is trying out our escape games because they’re a great favourite with corporate teams, and there are plenty of reasons why. Here, we talk about the advantages of team building so you can bring your own team here too.

What are Escape Rooms?

If you don’t really know what escape rooms are, then let us fill you in that now before we go any further. Escape games involve a group of people locked in a room together for an hour, yes that’s right, 60 minutes. All the rooms are themed, so you can choose the theme that most appeals to you. Once you’ve done that you can then send your team in and see how they get on. While they’re in there, they’ll have to work their way through some puzzles and cryptic clues which they have to find hidden in the room. They must do all this within the hour or they’ve lost. Not everybody gets it first time, but that’s not unusual and a team can come back as often as they wish to try again.

So, what are the advantages of team building?

Team building can help foster communication, resolve conflict, help break the ice with new team members, and also help team leaders to identify whose skills are the most useful to an impending project. It would help enormously if you can allocate more easily who is good at what. It’ll get the job done much quicker and go more smoothly for you.

Once you understand the benefits, you’ll know how helpful it really is

Team building may often be seen as a buzzword with no real understanding, but if you manage projects regularly then understanding the benefits of team building can really help. Whether it’s an It’s-a-Knockout-type obstacle course or one of our escape rooms, as long as it enhances group working and communication skills, then you’re on to a winner when it comes to team building.

Team building strategies

What you may also find is that by simply giving your most important team members a day away from the office, you could also help improve their motivation, break personal barriers, improve productivity and simply have fun. You can do work on some serious team building strategies and have a great time while you’re there.

Escape Colchester – Challenging & Fun Team Building Activities

If we’ve convinced you of the advantages of team building activities, then you may find it beneficial to join us here at Escape Colchester where our escape rooms and escape games can help your team to develop in a healthy and positive way. That means not only do they benefit, but you and organisation do too! Book your rooms today.