Why are Escape Rooms So Popular?

There are many reasons why escape rooms are so popular with the public and we’d like to share some of them with you today. Many different types come here to take part in our Escape Games because they have so much fun. We believe it’s an experience you’ll want to repeat once you’ve tried it, because we know that most of our players do.

Escape Rooms are popular for a wide variety of reasons because it hits a note with almost everyone – from all walks of life. Corporate teams use it to see what skills they can identify in their team and to identify strengths and weaknesses. It works, because we see a lot of them come here time and again. People also come here to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special events. We also see a lot of students who come to get away from their studies.

Differently themed rooms with ideas taken from popular culture

The themed rooms are extremely popular and play a big factor in why Escape Games are such a great hit. The themes are based on games, books and movies from popular culture, something that’s hit a note with the general public. The rooms are kitted out in the movie title or book and then the puzzles and clues are secreted within the furniture and props within each room.

Celebrate your event – no matter what it is

It’s a great way of celebrating events as we’ve already discussed, but also for date nights and passing exams or driving tests. So, it doesn’t have to be something traditional, it can be anything you like, whether it’s big or small. You can celebrate any kind of milestone, whatever it is that been hard fought for and you’ve made yourself proud. If it’s important to you then it’s definitely worth celebrating.

Escape Colchester – for games that help you celebrate the best things in life

We hope we’ve helped you understand why Escape Games, Colchester is so popular. We’d love to see you here, so why not book your room online or over the phone and be part of the best game in town!

Escape Room FAQs

Today we’ve got a bunch of our most interesting and most frequently asked questions for you. Then, we’ve put them all together in one post so you can refer to them whenever you feel the need. We like to take care of our Escape Room fans and make sure they have all the information they’ll ever need before they pay us a visit. 

Let’s start with the most pressing question of all:

What are Escape Room Games?

Close your eyes and imagine you’re locked in a room for an hour. The room you’re locked in is decorated and furnished in a particular theme. There is a sense of urgency, this sense of urgency is shared between a group of you, who are also locked in the same room as you. You’re all searching for clues, because this is where the secret to your eventual escape lies. You all find the clues, this is done by searching every corner of the room and by working together, as a team. You find the clues, you work them all out and then – hey presto, the door opens, you’ve found your way to freedom! But it’s not a dream it’s an actual game, that my friends is Escape Room Games. Oh, and by the way, you have an hour in which to do this.

Is there an age limit?

No there isn’t but obviously this is a demanding game so it may not be good for children younger than 10. If you do bring children under 16, if you think they’d enjoy it, then by all means brings them but make sure they’re accompanied by adults and that they do not come alone. 

Can I still come if I suffer with claustrophobia?

Of course! The rooms aren’t anywhere near as small as you’d imagine, this is because they have to accommodate groups of people from 2 to 6 so they’d have to be reasonably big to fit them all in and for them to have enough room to search the entire area. In any case, we will either leave the door to the room unlocked or even leave it open for the duration of your time in the room, if this helps. You can leave whenever you like. 

What’s the maximum amount of people allowed in the room?

So, you can get the most enjoyment out of your time here, we usually suggest at least 2 people (otherwise it would be bit lonely all on your own) or no more than 6. More than that will have you all scrabbling around bumping into each other and things, so try to leave it at 6. 

How much time should I plan to spend here?

You’ll need to think about the time it takes to get here, the hour you’re in the room and also the 30 minutes we usually use to talk to you and brief you on what to expect, plus health and safety and where all the exits are – the usual stuff. So, as well as the time it takes to get there, figure in at least an hour and a half. 

Escape Games Colchester – where your imagination can run riot.

So, there you have it, if you have any other questions you feel haven’t been covered here, why not give us a call? We’re very approachable and we don’t bite, and we’d be more than happy to answer any further questions you have in relation to our Escape Games here at Colchester. Book your room online or over the phone and we’ll see you here soon!

Who Visits Escape Colchester?

You’ll be surprised to know that we see a really wide cross-section of people here at Colchester. This is because the Escape Games phenomenon has been created with everyone in mind and appeals to all kinds of people. If you’ve ever asked yourself what type of people come here to Escape Colchester, then you’ve come to the right place, because in this week’s post we’re going to be talking about exactly that. 


We get a lot of students coming here because they need an escape from their studies, and Escape Games gives them the ideal get away. They can abandon their studies for an hour, leave behind the deadlines and just enjoy some free time with friends. We love having them here and they certainly seem to enjoy themselves.

Corporate teams.

Corporate teams come to Escape Games because they like to test, improve and discover their teams’ skills. By trying out the Escape Rooms, they are able to cherry pick which ones are able to perform well under pressure, and those that aren’t. Any weaknesses can be picked up back at base and appropriately dealt with through the relevant training. Other may have found an opportunity to shine and show their boss how good their problem-solving skills are. If they want to show how good they are at communicating and delegating, then this is the ideal environment in which to do it. 


Lots of people come here in order to celebrate their most important events. It could be a birthday, a hen or stag do, passing their driving test or possibly they’ve got an anniversary to celebrate. Sometimes couples will use the Escape Room as a potential first date. It’s a great way for people to get to know each other and find out whether they’re suited, and it also provides the ideal environment to break the ice and make it easier to talk. This can often be an improvement on the usual awkwardness associated on a dinner date, where two people sit opposite each trying to find something to say to each other!

Escape Colchester is ready to welcome you.

Finally, we get a wide variety of people of all ages and statuses and from all walks of life who just fancy an hour to themselves with their friends to have a great time relaxing and having fun. It might be a lunch break, an hour to spare before a dinner party or an excuse to kill time before catching a train. Escape Games can be fitted in to any evening, afternoon or time in the day when you’re available – and of course if we have a room to spare. The best way to make sure you have your room is available is to book in advance, and you can do this either over the phone or online. Escape Colchester can’t wait to see you, so book your room today!

How to Be Successful in an Escape Room

If you’ve got your escape room booked and you’re ready to take part in the challenge, then you’ll be hoping for some tips on how to be successful. We like to help our people find their way around the room with a fighting chance, while at the same time not completely destroying the game’s enjoyment. After all, we all need a hint or two when we take part in a game, don’t we?

Team Balance

Having the right team behind you helps. Find people who each bring something different to the table. People with a keen eye for detail and who are observant and quick thinking. Problem solving skills are always useful, and analytical, logical thinking is an obvious advantage.

Finding Clues

You’ll be searching for clues and you’ll need to be able to look everywhere – so keep your eyes very much peeled. Up at book shelves, picture frames, inside the books even and under and up and over everything you see. Clues could be anywhere and depending on which room you’ve chosen there may not even be any book shelves, if that is the case, then whichever objects there are in your themed room of choice, look underneath it, on it above it and below it. 

Organise Your Clues

Clues should be kept in one central place once discovered, that way you know where they all are, and they don’t get lost. Move on if you get stuck on one clue because that will cost you precious time, you only have 60 minutes in which to work them all out and escape remember. 

Don’t Let Anyone Dominate

You don’t want to bring along people who have a tendency to dominate. This is a game of team players, and everyone should have an opportunity to speak, so keep the dominators at home. Even the quietest person may have what it takes to crack one part of the puzzle so don’t ignore anyone.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help 

If you find you’re all really stuck then don’t hesitate to wave at the camera because we’ll give you a clue if you need one, that’s if the one’s carefully secreted around the room are too hard to find. It’s better to ask for help sooner than later and give yourself a better chance of getting out within the hour. 

Escape Colchester – Premier Escape Rooms

So, are you coming on down to see us, got your escape room booked? Which theme did you choose? Got your game head on? We’ll see you down here at Escape Colchester, we can’t wait get you started, so book online or use the good old-fashioned phone.

Escape Colchester - Escape from Your Studies

Studying at university can be hard, it isn’t the relaxing experience it once was, now you have to work hard for your degree, so you can pay back those student loans. Yes, it’s hard, and very stressful. But we all need a break…right? We think you do and what’s more, due to the number of students we see on a regular basis, we know that coming to Escape Games Colchester is the perfect anecdote to all that stress.

Escape your studies and enjoy our live interactive escape games.

Escape games are a whole new experience in games where friends, work colleagues and yes, students can come and unwind and play the best live interactive game on the planet. Here, you’ll be locked in a themed room of your choice with up to 6 friends, and together you’ll have to find and solve some puzzles and clues in order to unlock the door and escape. Of course, the only problem is, you have 60 minutes to get out. 

Get to know new friends, enjoy yourself and forget about student life.

It’s a great time to unwind, get to know some new cohorts, and generally have some fun and forget about the studying, the essay deadlines and the lectures. If you’re feeling a little beleaguered and bewildered by student life, then this is the best way to get it out of your system, if only for an hour. 

Themed rooms.

As we’ve already mentioned, all the rooms are themed. The themes are usually centred around ideas taken from popular culture and it can be anything from Harry Potter to sci fi classics, and casinos to Egyptology. There’s bound to be something of interest, so you not only get the thrill of the game, you get to lose yourself in your imagination while you’re there. 

Escape Games Colchester – for the gamer in all of us and for getting away from the daily grind.

If you’ve had enough of studying for a while and you’re desperate for a break, then find your way down to Escape Games Colchester where you’ll receive a warm welcome. We’re here to help and we work hard to make sure you enjoy your time here, so book your room with us. You can do this in one of two ways, you can call us, or you can book online. We’ll see you there!

A Guide to the Escape Games and Escape Colchester

We’re going to be giving you a guide on our escape games here at Escape Colchester. We have four rooms which you’re locked in for an hour. In that time you have to find your way out by solving a range of puzzles and cryptic clues which are hidden carefully within the room itself. All the rooms are themed and they are Witchcraft and Wizardry, 221B Baker Street, The Cabin and Escape the Seven Seas.

Authentic, detailed and oh so much fun!

They have all been painstakingly created with their chosen themes in mind, and are made to look as detailed and as perfect as possible. That means you have a fantastic time while you are in there in a room that’s an authentic recreation of your favourite movie or character.


Once you’re in there you’ll all need to move around the room and search all areas to find the clues. When you’ve found each one, you make a neat pile and then work them out one by one, once you’ve found them all and they’re there in front of you. Teamwork is crucial, you’ll need to work together to find your way out. This is a perfect opportunity to get to know each other if you’re a brand new corporate team or if you’re a group of students who are about to embark on a degree course together. 

If you don’t get out first time - try, try again

There’s no pressure, not everyone gets out first time, but it’s always an excuse to come back again...and again because we love to see our past visitors come back to see us and we’re accustomed to seeing the same faces. We always give everyone who comes to see us a warm welcome, whether you’re a first timer or you’re on a second, third or fourth time visit. 

Escape Colchester - Premier Escape Rooms

We hope you enjoyed our guide on escape games here at Colchester, give us a call and book your room. We can’t to see you and we know you’ll all have a great time, whether it’s with friends or family or as part of a corporate team building exercise. 

Hints and Tips To Escape Our Rooms

If you’re coming to visit our escape rooms in Colchester, you have to work out how you’re going to escape and ultimately win. But how? You’re going to be excited with adrenaline flowing, you could easily make mistakes and you’ve only got an hour to do it in. Plus, the clues and puzzles aren’t easy to find and when you do, you then have to try and work them out in order to escape. Think it’s too hard? Have a quick read through our helpful hints and tips which are sure to help assist your performance.

1) Make Sure You Play With People You Know

If you know the people you are going to play with you have less likelihood of clashes, and pick those with the right strengths and skills. You don’t want to be arguing with people you don’t know, and you want to pick people who are good at working out puzzles, thinking on their feet and who stay nice and calm throughout.

2) Choose Group Size Wisely

If you choose to play a room with too many people, then you’re going to be up close and personal in a small space and if you don’t know each other that well, it might not be that much fun. Perhaps best to choose a smaller group then. When there’s less people there’s far more surprises and more things for everyone to do, so everyone’s included and basically, it’s much more fun.

3) Don’t Try and Do It All Yourself

Don't try and be a hero by hogging all the puzzles, if you can’t figure it out yourself share between those you think can. Someone else taking over will bring a fresh pair of eyes and help see something you’ve missed. You’re all there to work as a team anyway, and there’s no I in team, so be prepared to work as one.

4) Be Prepared To Listen and Try Out Things Your Team Suggest

You need to work as a team there is no need to be dismissive, always be prepared to try new things if it means solving another puzzle and getting closer to escaping. Even if it’s an idea that doesn’t work, always encourage and praise your teammates for trying.

5) Make Sure Everyone Knows When Someone Has Worked Out One Clue

Communication is key! If you have tried an idea and it didn't work let the rest of the team know so people aren’t constantly going back to the same ones. This will ultimately allow you to save crucial time to focus on other clues in the room. Then make sure you know where they are as you go to work out another one, perhaps you could pick someone who can take care of the solved puzzles and clues. And make sure you search the rooms thoroughly, because clues won’t be there where you can see them, they’ll be hidden from view, so you need to be sharp enough to search everywhere.

Do you think you have what it takes now? Are you an Escape room pro? If so, come down and visit us here at Escape Games Colchester where you’ll find a selection of themed rooms to choose from and a friendly welcoming team. If you have not yet booked to play a room here at Escape Colchester, get in touch with us today to book. We’ll see you there!

Fantastic Team Building Activities

Team building activities are really taking off and it’s no surprise as they are a great way of getting your team to bond, break the ice and spend valuable time relaxing away from the office. It also gives a team leader ample opportunity to recognise new skills that can be quickly utilised back at base.

There are a variety of different team building activities to choose from as more companies recognise their value. Naturally, the one thing in common they all have is the team aspect and the emphasis this word implies – working together and communicating. There are some activities that aren’t always going to be to everyone’s liking, but the goal of most of them is to get those introverts to come out of the shadows and shine, getting them out of their shell and talking.

We’re going to be looking just a few of them and then you can make an informed decision on which ones you think are best for your team.

The Human Chain

This is a simple game where everyone stands in a circle and randomly holds a hand of the person next to them, or in front of them within the circle. Soon you’ll have a chain of hands and the aim of the game is to free yourself and untangle the chain without letting go of each other’s hands. There’s a strong need to communicate and talk your way out of it and it’s a great opportunity for everyone to have their turn in working out the puzzle.

It's a Knockout

This is based on the old TV series of the same name which you may be too young to remember but will definitely involve plenty of action, noise, water and mayhem. Great for the extroverts of your team, introverts not so much. This is an obstacle course, a bit I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here-meets-numerous game shows from the BBC in the past 20 years. All colour, protective helmets and lots of mess.

Boot Camp

This is a military style obstacles course designed by ex-military and created for the sole purpose of encouraging problem solving, teaching survival skills and combat, just in case they need to fight their way out of the tube, but there’s also escape and evade, and the most important thing about this type of training is the sense of kinsmanship, supporting each other and giving each other positive encouragement.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is essential for those who want to improve communication skills. This involves two teams pitted against each other searching for hidden treasure. There’ll be clues, taking photos even, collecting unusual items and all in all it’s the perfect opportunity to bond with friends, identify new skills and give the team ample opportunity to work together and unwind outside of office hours.

Escape Colchester – Escape Games With a Difference 

Yes, finally we have the piece de resistance of all team building activities, our escape rooms in Colchester. We are bound to be bias, however we believe our rooms are possibly the best way of getting the best out of your team and discovering new talents. Your teams are locked in a room, the room will have a theme and they’ll be locked in there for around 60 minutes. In that time, they must find a series of hidden cryptic clues and puzzles, keep them all together and then work them out in order to escape the room within the hour. It’s the best, most unique way of team building there is out there, and its increasing popularity proves it’s working. Pay us a visit in Colchester if you’re interested in investing in your team, and we can guarantee it’ll be the best day out your organisations had for some time!