History's Most Daring Escapes

We’re going to take you down memory lane to look at some very exciting escapes of those who dared, hopefully, it’ll give you the motivation to fight your way out of the room (but not literally). We have selected a few because we think you’ll love them, and it’ll hopefully provide you all the confidence you need to give our rooms a go.

1 Escape From an ‘Impregnable’ Prison - John Dillinger

As you can imagine John Dillinger was in prison for killing a police officer and robbing a bank. Although the prison was thought to be impregnable, Dillinger proved it wasn’t and escaped. That’s clever you’re probably thinking, however, he was shot much later outside a theatre in Chicago, so he possibly wasn’t that clever after all. 

2 Midnight Express - Billy Hayes

The midnight express sounds romantic, but don’t confuse it with the Orient. This was an altogether different kind of train, more  like a train of thought that led to a plan that led to an altogether complete disaster. A student was caught drug smuggling in Turkey and given a 4 year sentence followed by another 30 year sentence just prior to his leaving prison. He worked on ship docks as part of his sentence but escaped in a rowing boat - which was handy. He travelled to Istanbul, and then on to Greece before deportation to America. He wrote a book about it - well he would wouldn’t he?

3 Helicopter Escape - Pascal Payet

Yes you guessed it, he was French and escaped not just one, but twice. What is also impressive is that he did from high security prisons. Before you get too impressed, he did it with the aid of 4 masked men and a helicopter. He also helped another 3 people escape too - so he gets brownie points for that.

4 Escape From Alcatraz

It’s Alcatraz next, a prison famous for its impregnability. Alcatraz was on an island and therefore considered impossible to escape from. However, 3 people escaped by digging their way out of their cells and climbing out of an air vent, then on to a roof and from there using a drain pipe to reach the ground. They were never seen again and although some believe they may have drowned, others think they escaped to freedom. 

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