Escape Colchester - Escape from Your Studies

Studying at university can be hard, it isn’t the relaxing experience it once was, now you have to work hard for your degree, so you can pay back those student loans. Yes, it’s hard, and very stressful. But we all need a break…right? We think you do and what’s more, due to the number of students we see on a regular basis, we know that coming to Escape Games Colchester is the perfect anecdote to all that stress.

Escape your studies and enjoy our live interactive escape games.

Escape games are a whole new experience in games where friends, work colleagues and yes, students can come and unwind and play the best live interactive game on the planet. Here, you’ll be locked in a themed room of your choice with up to 6 friends, and together you’ll have to find and solve some puzzles and clues in order to unlock the door and escape. Of course, the only problem is, you have 60 minutes to get out. 

Get to know new friends, enjoy yourself and forget about student life.

It’s a great time to unwind, get to know some new cohorts, and generally have some fun and forget about the studying, the essay deadlines and the lectures. If you’re feeling a little beleaguered and bewildered by student life, then this is the best way to get it out of your system, if only for an hour. 

Themed rooms.

As we’ve already mentioned, all the rooms are themed. The themes are usually centred around ideas taken from popular culture and it can be anything from Harry Potter to sci fi classics, and casinos to Egyptology. There’s bound to be something of interest, so you not only get the thrill of the game, you get to lose yourself in your imagination while you’re there. 

Escape Games Colchester – for the gamer in all of us and for getting away from the daily grind.

If you’ve had enough of studying for a while and you’re desperate for a break, then find your way down to Escape Games Colchester where you’ll receive a warm welcome. We’re here to help and we work hard to make sure you enjoy your time here, so book your room with us. You can do this in one of two ways, you can call us, or you can book online. We’ll see you there!