How to Be Successful in an Escape Room

If you’ve got your escape room booked and you’re ready to take part in the challenge, then you’ll be hoping for some tips on how to be successful. We like to help our people find their way around the room with a fighting chance, while at the same time not completely destroying the game’s enjoyment. After all, we all need a hint or two when we take part in a game, don’t we?

Team Balance

Having the right team behind you helps. Find people who each bring something different to the table. People with a keen eye for detail and who are observant and quick thinking. Problem solving skills are always useful, and analytical, logical thinking is an obvious advantage.

Finding Clues

You’ll be searching for clues and you’ll need to be able to look everywhere – so keep your eyes very much peeled. Up at book shelves, picture frames, inside the books even and under and up and over everything you see. Clues could be anywhere and depending on which room you’ve chosen there may not even be any book shelves, if that is the case, then whichever objects there are in your themed room of choice, look underneath it, on it above it and below it. 

Organise Your Clues

Clues should be kept in one central place once discovered, that way you know where they all are, and they don’t get lost. Move on if you get stuck on one clue because that will cost you precious time, you only have 60 minutes in which to work them all out and escape remember. 

Don’t Let Anyone Dominate

You don’t want to bring along people who have a tendency to dominate. This is a game of team players, and everyone should have an opportunity to speak, so keep the dominators at home. Even the quietest person may have what it takes to crack one part of the puzzle so don’t ignore anyone.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help 

If you find you’re all really stuck then don’t hesitate to wave at the camera because we’ll give you a clue if you need one, that’s if the one’s carefully secreted around the room are too hard to find. It’s better to ask for help sooner than later and give yourself a better chance of getting out within the hour. 

Escape Colchester – Premier Escape Rooms

So, are you coming on down to see us, got your escape room booked? Which theme did you choose? Got your game head on? We’ll see you down here at Escape Colchester, we can’t wait get you started, so book online or use the good old-fashioned phone.