Who Visits Escape Colchester?

You’ll be surprised to know that we see a really wide cross-section of people here at Colchester. This is because the Escape Games phenomenon has been created with everyone in mind and appeals to all kinds of people. If you’ve ever asked yourself what type of people come here to Escape Colchester, then you’ve come to the right place, because in this week’s post we’re going to be talking about exactly that. 


We get a lot of students coming here because they need an escape from their studies, and Escape Games gives them the ideal get away. They can abandon their studies for an hour, leave behind the deadlines and just enjoy some free time with friends. We love having them here and they certainly seem to enjoy themselves.

Corporate teams.

Corporate teams come to Escape Games because they like to test, improve and discover their teams’ skills. By trying out the Escape Rooms, they are able to cherry pick which ones are able to perform well under pressure, and those that aren’t. Any weaknesses can be picked up back at base and appropriately dealt with through the relevant training. Other may have found an opportunity to shine and show their boss how good their problem-solving skills are. If they want to show how good they are at communicating and delegating, then this is the ideal environment in which to do it. 


Lots of people come here in order to celebrate their most important events. It could be a birthday, a hen or stag do, passing their driving test or possibly they’ve got an anniversary to celebrate. Sometimes couples will use the Escape Room as a potential first date. It’s a great way for people to get to know each other and find out whether they’re suited, and it also provides the ideal environment to break the ice and make it easier to talk. This can often be an improvement on the usual awkwardness associated on a dinner date, where two people sit opposite each trying to find something to say to each other!

Escape Colchester is ready to welcome you.

Finally, we get a wide variety of people of all ages and statuses and from all walks of life who just fancy an hour to themselves with their friends to have a great time relaxing and having fun. It might be a lunch break, an hour to spare before a dinner party or an excuse to kill time before catching a train. Escape Games can be fitted in to any evening, afternoon or time in the day when you’re available – and of course if we have a room to spare. The best way to make sure you have your room is available is to book in advance, and you can do this either over the phone or online. Escape Colchester can’t wait to see you, so book your room today!