What Are Escape Rooms

If you’ve been told about Escape Rooms but you’ve no idea what they are, then in this post you’re going to find out all about them. Perhaps you’ve been invited out on a birthday party with friends and this forms part of the celebrations, or perhaps it’s a team building exercise you’ve been asked to participate as part of a work day away from the desk. What we can tell you with certainty is that the Escape Rooms here in Colchester is the most exciting way to spend an hour of your time. Let’s find out more...

Locked In a Room With 60 Minutes To Escape

We have more than one room, each one is individually themed, and once you’re locked in, you have to find your own way out. A group of you, either friends, work colleagues or family will be locked in and only by solving a series of well-hidden cryptic clues will be you be able to escape the room. Add to that the fact that you only have one hour, 60 minutes to do that in.

Teams, Friends and Co-workers

Hopefully, the team you’re with won’t be too large or too small. Locked into a room together could get a bit cramped, and too little and you won’t have enough brain power to work out the puzzles and clues. If it’s part of a team-building effort then you’ll be with work colleagues, and the reason why your boss has chosen this method is to help you all to bond, and hopefully, work better together once you’re back at the office. It’s a great way of learning new things about yourself and helping to unlock skills you never knew you had.

Of course, it’s also tremendous fun, if you’re just part of a group of people either celebrating a birthday, or any other kind of celebration, then it’s a great way for you to interact with friends, and perhaps ones you haven’t seen for a while. You have to communicate and through doing this you’re talking, and that’s the best way to bond.

Themed Rooms

The themed rooms we currently have are Witches & Wizardry and 221B Baker Street, so you can have an hour of bewitching magic or one full of detective sleuthing. Whichever one you decide on you’ll have a great time.

Escape Games Colchester

Now you know exactly what an escape room is, you’ll know what to expect, and hopefully be able to immerse yourself in the fun. You won’t be on your own because all your colleagues or friends will be there with you, joining in and helping to solve the riddles of the room – so you can escape! If you want to know more then get in touch, our contact details are on the bottom of the page, or call if you’re ready to book a room.